[singlepic id=28 w=240 h=180 float=right]Check out some of our favorite free online pet games:

Animal Planet Games: Games from our favorite network, the Animal Planet. The site also includes puzzles and interactive features to learn more about your favorite animals.

Virtual Pets Games: A great site with many different types of fun free games and activities without all the distracting ads.

Pet Games: This site has a wide array of online pet games you can play for free. Just pick your favorite type of pet, and get started. They have games for everything from dogs and ferrets to frogs and turtles.

Littlest Pet Shop Online:

Girl Games Now: Just for girls, this site has a whole section of pet games ranging from dressing up your hamster to making your dog a dream house.

Arcade Rush Pet Games: A fun set of arcade style games with more complex interactions and challenges.

Marapets: This site is a fun mess of games, dress-up, and pets.

Pet Games 123:A fun set of free pet games mainly featuring dogs and cats.

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More… For a comprehensive list of virtual pets and pet games check out Virtual Pets & Pet Games.

Below is our list of paid pet games (some with free trials!)

FavPlay Pet Games: …