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Recommended Child’s Age: 4+

Lifespan of Pet: 5-7 yrs

Required Care: Easy

Pet Interaction: Moderately Social



About Guinea Pigs

A Guinea Pig is a great “starter” pet to get for your kids.  Compared to other house pets, they require minimal care and the cost of maintaining them is reasonable. Although they have become household pets in America, Guinea Pigs are native to the west coast of South America.

The tailless rodents generally live 5-7 years but can live as long as 10 years.  In most circumstances the Guinea Pig will not bite but it is important to demonstrate to your children how to be gentle with your furry friend.

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In general, Guinea Pigs are happier if they have a buddy.  Females paired together tend to work out the best.  Males usually bond well but in certain cases may be more aggressive and even fight with each other.  You can put a male and a female together but beware you may end up with more pigs in your pad then you want!!!

You will want to have a cage no smaller than 2 square feet along with some recycled paper shaving shavings on the bottom of the cage.  Newspaper should line the bottom of the cage. A water bottle and food dish are all that are necessary for nourishment .  Timothy hay, oranges, melons, apples, and cabbage are all favorite munchies.  It is important to add Vitamin C drops to the water as well.

Lastly you will want to give your little piggies some chew sticks with are available at your local pet store.  These sticks ensure that the teeth of the Guinea Pig with not grow too long.