Want to get a family pet, but just can’t do it? Maybe there are strong allergies in the family, or it is just not economically possible at the moment. Just because you can’t have a live pet in the house, doesn’t mean you can’t get attached to something cute and furry with it’s own personality that is your responsibility to take care of, check out these popular links for virtual online pets.

Foo Pets: Foo Pets are by far one of our favorite virtual pet sites. You can choose between 3 animated dogs and 2 animated cats. This works a lot like an interactive game with levels, and points for feeding, playing and taking care of your little friend and the animations are fantastic.

Guffins: Here you hand pick from a wide range of pets, take care of and play with them, and even interact with your friends by sending a pet.

Adopt Me:

Fishferous: Fishferous allows you to create your very own virtual aquarium.


About.com’s Virtual Pet List: A great list published on About.com with free virtual pets and descriptions of the sites.

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For a comprehensive list of virtual pets and pet games check out Virtual Pets & Pet Games.